Bar Accessories

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The number of glasses and tools you need for a properly stocked bar can be daunting, but these go-to items are really all that is required. Here is what we recommend:

Cocktail Shaker: Freshly crafted cocktails are truly unparalleled and they really do have a special quality when shaken. It is actually remarkable! Even if you shook up some lemon juice, vodka and simple syrup in a shaker, you'd have a better cocktail than what's served in most bars.

Double Sided Jigger: The key to efficiently making the cocktails (that are also consistent in the taste) requires some fairly precise measurement.

Muddler: An inexpensive tool can be a real lifesaver when crafting the cocktails. They allow you to mash fruit and herbs right in your shaker for the freshest, no-mess cocktails on the spot.

Really Good Corkscrew: And when I say corkscrew, I actually mean a wine opener which requires no cork screwing at all. There are some excellent "luxury corkscrews" on the market these days that can de-cork your wine bottle within 3 seconds (without having to pre-cut the foil).

Stemless Wine Glasses: The All-Purpose Glass, you can find a medium sized stemless wine glass ("taster wine glass") and can serve practically anything in it. It is a great staple for a starter bar.

Sleek and Simple Bottle Opener: "For beer drinking guests, it is nice to have a simple bottle opener that you can use themselves, if you are busy shaking up cocktails."

A Bar Towel: "Little spills are bound to happen so it is great to have a pretty towel ready and on the bar for quick mop-ups."

Ice Bucket and Tongs: Either the way, a pretty vessel to hold your ice, and the tongs or a scoop to pick it up, will make your delicious drinks refreshing and complete.