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Nothing could be more perfect for a family get-together than the varieties of bowls, platters, wooden roti box and the trays from Grihvaatika. Despite a long list of the must-haves mentioned below are five types of bowls that will add more charm to the family get together.

Glass Bowls: The most common type of bowl seen in the people’s kitchen is glass bowls. They are easy to use and are great for all the purposes. Further, glass bowls can be used in both dishwashers and microwaves without any worry.

 Earthenware Bowls: Keeping food in earthenware bowls is a healthy choice. The earthenware bowls are made up from terracotta or clay and are jam-packed with nutrients. These bowls are heat resistant. While serving the food item, you would not feel utensil to be hot.

Ceramic Bowls: Across the globe, many people love to use ceramic bowls. At Grihvaatika, we specialize in making beautiful ceramic products which are available in various colours, themes, textures and designs. At your family together, serving the dishes in ceramic bowls would make the plate look more appealing. For any dining table, these bowls add finesse to them.

Metal Bowls: At Grihvaatika, you get a wide range of metal bowls that can be used to store fruits or vegetables. These bowls with a perfect finish are perfect for serving salads or snacks. A fusion of metal and enamel looks elegant on the table with the fresh fruits in it.

Wooden Bowls: Serving food in wooden bowls would make your dish look more appealing. The natural texture on the wood is designed by time and nature. Taking that as a base, our artisans make it more beautiful with the hand painting patterns and make them food safe making it ideal for your fruit servings.