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An ideal restaurant is replete with the good art décor, furniture, lighting, music besides great cuisine and friendly staff. However, one thing that goes amiss is the cutlery. Have you paid enough attention to choosing the right cutlery? Many restaurateurs feel that it is not necessary to go beyond using standard knife, spoon and fork cutlery. However, you will be surprised to know how wrong cutlery can turn out to be a disaster for your business. Depending on what food you serve, there are several types of the cutlery available in the market.

Type of cutlery: Cutlery implies implements used for cutting and eating the food. It includes a knife, fork and spoon. There are different types of knives, forks and spoons. A complete cutlery set may include butter knife, soup spoon and seafood fork etc.

 Knife: Different knives are designed to serve the specific tasks. Choosing the right knife makes it easier to perform that task. A knife can be designed for striking, chopping, tearing, dicing, spreading, carving and slicing. The difference lies in the blade of the knife whether it is pointed, blunt or serrated etc.

Spoons: They are used to transfer food from platter or bowl to mouth. There are different types of spoon for the specific tasks. Forks: The two-tined fork is used to cut the meat while there or four-tined fork has other uses.

  • Avoid limited edition cutlery

  • Apart from the standard fork, knife and spoon set, decide what else is necessary based on what you serve. For example, if you serve seafood, do buy the seafood forks.

  • Buy the durable cutlery set that lasts you longer. Stainless steel is the safest bet.

  • Cutlery should be in sync with the theme of your restaurant.

  • Make sure that the cutlery is comfortable to handle. Try it before buying.

  • Buy lightweight cutlery for kids.

  • Have sufficient stock as a backup in case of any mishap.