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A placemat is a mat set on a dining table which is beneath a place setting, which can be used either at home or in restaurants. They are used to protect the surface of a table. The main purpose of using a placemat is to protect the table. Since the placemats are thick, they form insulation around the table to protect it from the heat. Some of the placemats are resistant to the water. So if there is any spill, the mat will ensure that it does not seep through and stain the table.

There are lots of patterns, designs and the styles available in placemats. The price of these mats depends on their size, colour and the texture. There are different designs and patterns available in the market like floral, geometric prints, crochet, handmade, lace, silk, cartoons, wordings, and so on with a wide range of colour options.

There are several patterns of placemats available. You can choose from the festive placemats (Christmas placemats) to personalizing and customizing the placemats for gifts, kids, and so on (printing the art that your kid has done, or printing the special photo of you and your children). If you are planning to save the placemats for some special occasions, you can do that too, placemats made of silk and laces are not only elegant but perfect for these occasions.

You can also use the personalized mats to decorate the tables at a birthday party or at other celebrations. If you are thinking of gifting, it is a well-thought gift, which can be used every day. You can personalize them too, by adding those special photos of your loved one, to whom the gift is meant for.

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