Certain home decor types, much like fashion styles, remain favorites despite the changed circumstances and living conditions. Ranging from contemporary to the industrial, minimal to eclectic, featured here are a few decor styles most favoured in India? Take a look – we are sure to find something to inspire you.

Contemporary: Clean lines, a boxy silhouette, mixed materials (wood, glass, concrete) and abundant light mark the typically contemporary facade of this home. A neutral palette of the pale grey imbues the living room, from the curtains and sofa upholstery to the plush carpet. It is partially separated from other areas of the house by a graphic metal screen in dull gold. True to the style, the furniture is all clean lines and uncluttered, avoiding a fussy look.Traditional-contemporary: A contemporary home infused with traditional elements is fittingly set in the town of Ajmer. The living room is resplendent with rani-pink sofas and the wooden pillars reminiscent of old-style homes, while the inverted ceiling with its track lighting makes a contemporary statement, drawing attention to well-placed art and accessories..

Minimalist: The unfussy aesthetic of this Mumbai flat permeates the entire home, starting with the living room steeped in muted hues. The only spots of colour come from the brightly coloured cushions and verdant foliage framed by the wide windows. .

Industrial: The rugged exposed brick wall tips the scale towards an industrial vibe in this living room; a silver-tinted metal chest doubling as the coffee table and a large metal-framed mirror complete the factory-like setting enhanced by vintage Westminster sofas..

Eclectic: This designer’s home as eclectic as it comes comprises a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends and colours. In the living room, a heterogeneous mix of metallic details (the wall installation over the turquoise cabinet), mirror-finish accents (such as the floor lamps) and the jewel-toned colours impart a luxe feel to the space.