Decorative Pots

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Pots are made from a variety of materials, and some will suit your situation better than the others. Keep in mind that you need a pot large enough to support plant growth all the season and there must be a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

 Clay: They are readily available, good for growing plants, and attractive. However, they can be expensive and heavy in large sizes, breakable if dropped, and many are subject to cracking in the freezing temperatures. Plastic: Versatile in appearance, lightweight, durable, and affordable, these pots are good for plant growth. Without a doubt, some are more attractive than the others.

 Glazed Ceramic: These are the most colorful pots, ranging from subtle earthy tones to playful, vibrant glazes. They are varied in style and good for the plant growth.

 Fiberglass: These classically styled, durable, and lightweight containers command premium prices. Plants grow well in them. Because they are more expensive, these pots are harder to find and you will probably have less choice of size and style.

 Concrete: Attractive, durable, and affordable, concrete pots can be found for sale from local, wayside shops that manufacture them, as well as in highly styled forms from the trendiest shops. They are good for plant growth.

 Foam: These pots are readily available and affordable in a variety of styles. They are good for plant growth, particularly where the insulation protects roots from the heat and cold, and they are very lightweight.

 Metal: Galvanized metal buckets, brass or copper pots, and the other containers made from metal can be very ornamental. Often you can make a nice container from the metal tins or galvanized buckets by drilling drainage holes in the bottom.

 Self-Watering: It is usually made of plastic; these are containers with a reservoir at the base that holds water for later use. Often you can even water directly into a reservoir. Such designs are good time savers.Whiskey Barrels: For their size, these oak half-barrels are the most affordable choice. They are informal in style and last for several years. Once filled with soil and planted, they become heavy.