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Plates as they are commonly called instantly catch your attention. Not just because they have beautiful prints but also due to each one telling a story unique to itself within the small circumference of the plate. If you are looking to buy the decorative plates online in India, Grihvaatika presents the largest collection of ceramic wall plates, all under one roof, just a click away.

These plates have been collectibles for the longest time and were purchased by the globetrotters during their travel to various countries. They picked up designs, styles and the shapes as to what was available in that country making the category of wall plates an inaccessible décor item. People would hunt for these plates during their travel to finally create a collection of their own. This gave the brand Grih Vaatika an idea to fill the vacant space and demand for the decorative plates.

It is a one stop destination for people to have access to the various designs of the plates of different countries to hang and create your own wall plate display collection. The display of the plates in the store walls also encouraged the customers’ desire to showcase them similarly. This was an easy solution to instantly do up the walls and not hunt for a collection over the years.

 Plates at Grih Vaatika include the prints that evoke memories of ancient times and are reminiscent of Indian and International history textbooks, mythological characters, animal figurines, nature inspired and floral designs. The best part of the collection is its global appeal and bright & bold prints that uplifts the look of any wall.