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Blankets have been around since prehistoric times, but the modern blanket seems to have been popularized by Thomas Blanket, a Flemish weaver who has made wool blankets. (In fact, his name likely came from his trade, since the word “blanket '' has already existed.) But today, the blankets have come a long way and you will find many types of blankets to choose from. There are lots of different types of blankets out there, but these are the primary ones you are likely to see on the market today.Coverlet:- While blankets are often thought of as being practical items, not all the blankets are actually made to keep you warm. The coverlet, for example, is one of the purely decorative blanket types here.
Quilt:- A quilt can be a type of coverlet, but some quilts are also warmer and more practical. These blankets are decorative, with a patchwork pattern of different fabrics. But thanks to the inner layer of the batting, they tend to offer more warmth than the typical coverlet.

Afghan:- Afghans are sometimes put into their own category, but they effectively serve the same purpose as blankets: warmth and decoration. They are knitted or crocheted, typically using wool or other natural material.

Duvet:- A duvet is a type of thick, warm blanket that goes on the bed to trap heat underneath. A thick layer of down or the other fiber inside the blanket’s covering makes it warm. Duvets need duvet covers, or the protective outer shells, to keep them from getting dirty and damaged.

Comforter:- A comforter is much the same as a duvet, but comforters do not necessarily need covers. They offer both decoration and warmth since they often come in attractive patterns and colors. Down comforters are popular for their warmth, but less-expensive fillings can also be used.