Door mats

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A door mat covers an area of the potential risk. Most slip and fall accidents occur near the entrance ways and exit ways. This could be due to the amount of the dirt and moisture tracked inside a building, or it could be that patrons enter and exit quicker than they linger around inside your shop. Either the way, the potential risk for a slip and fall by your entrance dictates you should use a doormat. To prevent the most risk, a mat should be placed outside of your entrance, and directly inside your entrance.

If the door mat placed outside of your business is a “wiper-scraper” mat then the interior mat can be simply a “wiper” styled mat. The difference between these two mat styles is the texture and the function of the mat surface. A wiper-scraper has tougher, harder tread that effectively wipes and scrapes dirt from the bottoms of the shoes. A wiper has a slightly less aggressive tread.

Decrease of interior dirt and debris tracking. As mentioned, proper door mats can reduce the amount of the dirt entering your building by up to 90%. Even if you are purchasing the doormat for your home, this is significant. From the standpoint of cleanliness, you will save yourself and your team a lot of extra time you would otherwise spend sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping by simply installing proper door mats to catch and trap dirt and debris typically tracked in by foot traffic. This dirt trapping also prevents the potential hazards from occurring inside your building.

Visual appeal: We would be remiss without stating that the use of the beautiful door mats creates a welcoming entrance to any establishment. As a business owner, you will make an effective first impression with a high-quality, aesthetically appealing mat that is capable of holding dirt and moisture without looking soiled.