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A mattress is a large, rectangular pad for supporting the reclining body, which is designed to be used as a bed or on a bed frame, as part of a bed. Below are the types of mattresses.

Air mattresses are inflatable beds which are uniquely portable. They are easy to fold up and put away, since the filling disappears into thin air – literally – when deflated, and are simple to set up.

Innerspring mattresses have the contiguous metal coils at their core and a comfortable top layer made of foam or fibers. This mattress is best for those who are looking for firmness and support.

Futons continue to be very popular. Western culture turned the traditional Japanese quilted mattresses into a foldable mattress accompanied by a folding metal or the wooden frame. They are similar to a sleeping sofa but without the required extra cushions.

Gel mattresses combine the memory foam and gel to create a comfortable mattress that is quick to spring back and is cooler to sleep on than regular memory foam.

Wrapped coil mattresses are the most popular type of innerspring mattress because they provide extra comfort and do not transfer motion.

Latex mattresses are among the most popular types of mattress because of their durability and the comfort. They conform to your body more generally than memory foam and bounces back quickly.

Memory foam, otherwise known as viscoelastic, has been around for nearly 40 years. These mattresses are well-known for being comfortable and fitting snugly around your body.

A pillow top mattress is usually an innerspring or the coil mattress, which is typically firm, with a comfortable padded layer stitched to the top for added luxury.

The new generation of mattress has the option of two, three, or four inches of Purple’s patented Smart Comfort Grid, which is what gives Purple the scientifically magical soft-where-you-want-it-firm-where-you-need-it comfort.