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A casserole pan is characteristically a baking dish that is large, deep, and is used in the oven as a serving dish. It can be made out of glass, ceramic, cast iron. Since there is not just one type of casserole pan, they can come in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes of casserole pans are square, round, and oblong.
Ceramic & Glass Casserole Pans: They are both varieties of ceramic cookware, the main difference being that ceramic pans are clay-based and glass pans are silica-based. So, for all the intents and purposes, ceramic and glass casserole pans are interchangeable. It really comes down to their appearance.
Since clay-based ceramic pans: They are usually more attractive and look more decorative, they are commonly used for casseroles that are served directly from the oven to the table. And since they are usually more decorative, they tend to be a bit more expensive than the glass pans. Glass pans are less decorative and more affordable so that they are great for everyday use.
Metal Casserole Pans: Aluminum – A good type of material for even browning. Aluminum pans are not good for storing the foods because they can add a metallic taste to your food. Most commonly found in the form of disposable pans, but the aluminum can also be used in heavy-duty casserole pans.
Stainless Steel – These pans are good for casseroles, but do not bake as evenly as aluminum pan. They are visually very attractive and can also be used for serving.
 Cast Iron – It is a great multipurpose material that is naturally nonstick. These pans can be easily transferred from the stove to the oven and they are perfect for one-pan meals.
Non-Stick – This type of pan features a non-stick coating which is great for easy cleanup. Unfortunately, use of The cooking sprays can create an unsightly residue that is difficult to clean.