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Whether you want to surreptitiously enjoy the cheeky drink or two at a boring social event or perk yourself up with a hot drink at work, there is a flask for you. Below are some of the different types of flasks that you may come across.

Thermal Flasks for Warm Drinks: Is the perfect choice for hot and cold drinks alike. Thermal drinks flask is designed to keep your drinks at desired temperature for an extended period of time so you can travel with the flask and enjoy your drink hours after you have prepared

it. Flasks for Cold Drinks: Some flasks are able to keep food and drinks cold as well as warm whilst other flasks are specially designed to keep your food and drink cold. This can be really handy during those warm summer days.

Vintage Style Flasks: Whilst the vintage flask was used for carrying gunpowder back in the day, they are most commonly associated with alcohol. Vintage flasks look awesome, they come in loads of different designs and they are lightweight to carry alcohol.

Hip Flasks: These flasks will normally have square corners, a curved body and a capacity of around 6 ounces. Its design is rectangular and curved which makes it easy to fit the flask in a pocket or strap it into a belt.

Silver Flasks: They are an expensive and rare collector’s item which is often beautifully designed. Some people believe that the silver made the liquor taste better and they were very popular for a time.

Stainless Steel Flasks: Stainless steel is a great material which is easy to clean, rust-free and durable, but they may not have as exciting a design as some of the other options.

Decorated Flasks: These flasks may have hippy-style images and be decorated with vibrant colours, they could come in a variety of non-standard shapes i.e. a gun, a perfume bottle, a heart.