Diyas & Lanterns

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Diyas are small earthen lamps that are specially lit on Diwali for pujan and decoration purposes. A cotton wick is used in diyas, and the oil or ghee serves as the burning fuel. Diyas are plain and colored, big and small, simple and fancy, and so on. Different types of diyas are appropriate for the different applications. buy diyas & lanterns in different festival occasions and decore your home and places
Colored Diyas: If you are the one who does not know art, then this decoration idea is for you. This is a simple way to decorate a Diya. Take any watercolor or oil pastel color and start coloring the diyas in the color which you like. You can decorate all diyas in one color or in a multi-color, the choice is yours.
Pom Pom Diyas: This is another easy way of decorating the diyas. You just need the colored diyas and pom pom. Pom-pom, you can buy from the market or if you want to paste any stone instead of pom-pom, you can also do so. Now after coloring the diyas, paste pom-pom on the sides of diyas and your pom pom diyas are ready to glow.
Swastik Diyas: Swastikas you all know are considered very auspicious and they are drawn before any auspicious beginning. They are easy to decorate, just make Swastik in the middle of colored diyas and keep it to spread good vibes at your temple place.
Kundan Diyas: Kundan and coloured stones can be used for the decoration of diyas. You can apply paint before it is sticking the stones to the diyas.
Home-made Clay Diyas: As far as we have decorated the mud diyas, but you can also make your own diyas. It is the simplest and the easiest way to make and decorate diyas. You just need clay. You can use the clay dough to make the beautiful diyas. These hom