Hangers & Hooks

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Hangers for clothing and home decor fashion accessories are available in a variety of styles, materials, and the sizes. The standard adult hangers are usually around 17 inches wide, while children's hangers are only 12 to 14 inches wide. The specialty hangers for pants and skirts are available in 14 inches.

Plastic: Commercial plastic hangers are most commonly available in white, black, and clear plastic. The quality ranges from almost flimsy to the lightweight to super heavyweight unbreakable hangers. Plastic hangers work well as an all-purpose hanger and they are generally used for shirts, blouses, and dresses.

Metal: Metal, or wire, hangers also vary a great deal in terms of quality. The most inexpensive, lightweight metal clothes hangers are those types you probably receive when you get back your dry cleaning.

Wooden: Classic wood hangers are available in a natural finish with chrome hardware or they come in the more expensive teak wood with brass hardware.

Tubular: All-purpose tubular-molded hangers are the type that's also available to consumers and found in many homes. They come in a large range of colors.

Padded: Not only does a cloth covered hanger protect the delicate garments, the padded hanger is usually covered with satin and is a pretty, appealing way to display lingerie and other feminine clothing.

Specialty: Retailers have many choices in hanger styles when it comes to unusual garments or non-typical situations. For example, notched hangers are perfect for the items with straps. Skirt and slacks hangers have the metal or plastic clips on a metal rod which prevent them from sliding.

Accessories: Hanger markers, cardboard tubes, and other hanger accessories can help keep your merchandise neat and tidy while creating an appealing display for your customers. Instead of purchasing different types of specialty hangers, you can use piggyback connectors on most any kind of hanger to allow two garments to be displayed together.