Photo Frames

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When it comes to decorating your walls, choosing the most fitting types of picture frames for the space can seem a bit overwhelming. We will break down different types of photo frames, explore what makes each one unique, and share some of our favorite ways to display them.

Gallery frames: They use a mat to create an elevated frame-in-frame effect that you might often see in a museum photography installation. Use this frame style as a home for your most prized prints, and pull a few of them together to create the gallery wall you have always wanted.

Modern frames: The thin profile of modern frame styles allows your photos to take center stage, for a minimalist look that puts the emphasis on the print. Pair two large frames together for a display that wows, or mix and match different sizes of smaller frames.Floating frames: The name says as it uses clear glass or acrylic in place of a mat to give your print the effect of floating on the wall. The Floating Frame is for displaying "the one." It gives that unforgettable photo the effect of standing on its own, drawing all the attention exactly where it should be.

Deep-set frames: They take a page out of the book of a shadow box, using a thicker mat and deep frame to draw the eye inward toward the image. This unique profile creates a subtle shadow within adding the dimension where once there was none.

Canvas Prints: When it comes to dimension, these prints take things a step further, stretching canvas onto an internal frame that brings the image out from the wall.

Tabletop frames: It is all in the little details — and tabletop frames go a long way in making a house feel like home. The Wooden Tabletop Frame pairs a timeless design with a uniquely modern take on functionality.