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Planters are the containers used to grow the plants. While selecting planters for your garden, you need to make a note that these decorative garden pots are not only used to grow plants but also to enhance the beauty of your garden. So, depending upon the space and style, you can choose the classic or contemporary plant pots.

To grow flowers in the pots, you can choose the flower plants like Dahlia, cockscomb, petunia, salvia and more. The colorful flowers in the decorative pots will enhance the aesthetics of your garden.

If you wish to grow the veggies, select vegetable plants such as capsicum, cherry tomatoes and ornamental chilly to decorate your garden. Depending on the size of the container, choose whether to grow the vegetable or flower.

If you want to have the lucky bamboo plant in your home or office then choose colourful indoor decorative plant pots which can match and decorate your office and home space.

Placing the Decorative Planter Pots: You can place the decorative planter pots anywhere in your office or home space. The Decorative pots in different shapes, colours and designs can give a unique look to your garden. You may place them in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony and the staircase. Decorative hanging planters come with the detachable chain which can be hung in the garden or inside the house and also used as table top planters. Balcony railing planters can be hung over the balcony with the help of supporting brackets.

Plants suitable for Decorative Planter Pots: For decorative planter pots, you may choose flower plants like Petunia, Dahlia, Salvia, Cockscomb and more. If you want to grow the vegetables, you may choose vegetable plants like cherry tomatoes, capsicum, etc. You can select the plants according to the size of the planter pots.