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If the ones you love like to give flowers, then you probably have a number of vases floating around your house, taking up space.  If you are running out of places to store them, consider these ways to use a vase.

Utensil Holder: Upcycle a flower vase by decorating and using it as a utensil holder in the kitchen.
It is also a way to bring some new life to your kitchen.

Candle Holder: If you have a vase that is the proper size then you can use it as a candle holder.  This can make a pretty centrepiece.  You can also use a vase for a container if you want to try to make a homemade candle.

Salad Bowl: Using a vase can be a different and fun way to present a salad.  It can add a special something to your spread!

Herb Garden: Grow herbs in your old flower vases in your kitchen.  Keep them by the kitchen window and they will get plenty of light. Mismatched flower vases may add a certain kind of charm to this display.

Fish Bowl: Trying out a family goldfish before investing in a fish tank?  Use an old flower vase.  Make sure that the flower vase you use is one of the larger ones in your collection so the little fish can swim around!

Change Holder: Use your leftover vase as a vessel for loose change.  You may be surprised to know how fast it fills up!  Remember to keep one in the laundry room.

Fruit Bowl: If your kitchen looks anything like mine, then you always have an overflowing Fruit Bowl and more fruit out on the counter.  Using an old flower vase can make displaying the fruit look much nicer.

Flowers: Do not keep all your flower vases packed away!  Refill them with new flowers!