Wall Accent/Showpieces

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An Accent/Showpieces wall is an interior or exterior wall that can have a different color, shade, design or the material from the other walls around it.

The purpose of the Accent/Showpieces wall is to draw attention to a part of the room that might otherwise be overlooked or to give a room decorative flair that it might be lacking. Accent/Showpieces walls add a sense of the excitement to your home's decor and can be used to tie together a color scheme in your home.

Accent/Showpieces walls can be used in any part of the house, from the kitchen to the living room, bedrooms to the guest rooms. An Accent/Showpieces wall can be painted in any room where it is desired or deemed appropriate.

Often homeowners will choose to paint an Accent/Showpieces wall which is behind a focal point in the room, like on the wall with a fireplace or behind a large mirror or a picture. Other times, Accent/Showpieces walls are painted in a part of the room where there is no focal point at all, to dress up a plain wall where there is nothing interesting to see.

They are alive and well in the decorating industry. These easy and stylish color Accent/Showpiecess are always popular because of their flexibility. You have unlimited paint options for your Accent/Showpieces wall, as well as the other surfaces and materials. Even the location of your

Accent/Showpieces wall is purely personal. Your home is unique, so your Accent/Showpieces wall should be as special.

Do not shy away from using a bold color for your Accent/Showpieces wall. As long as you have the right Accent/Showpiecess around the room to coordinate with your new color, you can choose whatever the color makes you happy.