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The most common bed covers are comforters, the blankets, or duvets. It is a large piece of material that rests directly on top of your bedsheets, or if your mattress has a quilted mattress cover, which can be used alone without a set of bed sheets needed.

Regardless of what you choose to use as a bed cover, it should be a material that is easily cleaned and possess some stain repellent properties to ensure longevity. Most people tend to use a combination of the bedsheets and a bed cover to stay warm and dry, along with using it as an additional layer of protection for your mattress. The mattress is easily the most expensive part of your bed, which means you want to protect it against the stains and rips at all costs.

Protects the Mattress: It is used to protect your mattress from the stains and rips, but it can also give an additional layer of protection from mold, bacteria or dust setting up home in the dark crevices of your great mattress.

Can Be Decorative: People who want to use their bed cover as a focal point in their bedroom or contrasts a funky color scheme find that a bed cover offers more options, colors and the styles. The bedroom is the sanctuary of the soul and the one place where people can be who they truly are. Expressing your personality through the use of a bedcover, that is both the practical and whimsical, is attractive to many.

If you have invested in a set of expensive sheets, then you definitely do not want them exposed to the elements of a home. Elements that can ruin expensive sheets, such as silk, linen or Egyptian cotton, can be normal wear and tear but also something like sunlight streaming directly on the sheets. Consistent exposure can cause bleaching of the sheets and ruin the quality of the threads.