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If windows are the soul to a home, the curtains are the eyebrows, which are arguably even more important, since, like on a face, they frame and shape a room. And also like great eyebrows, they come in many shapes and forms. But before we even dive into all the best types of curtains, let's define them:

Pinch Pleat: Pinched at the top, this type of header will create fuller pleats and a gathered look extending down the face of the curtains. You can use the pockets or rings to hang them.

Goblet Style: While the aforementioned headers are pinched at the tip-top of fabric, the pinch drops down a few inches with the goblet style.

Tie-top: This is when the curtains are attached to poles by tying bows or knots at the top. They are great for evoking a bohemian, romantic, or laid back atmosphere.

Ripple Fold: Usually installed on a track, this type of header makes curtains super easy to open close and then soft flow of the folds make them a modern yet classic look.

Grommet: These refer to the type of curtains that have holes at the top so they can be strung on the rod directly so parts of it are exposed. Weaving over and under the rod, the grommet curtains have larger, softer ripples.

Box Pleat: More formal and classic, the box pleat forms more angular, clean, and wide pleats. The specific sewing involved requires the precise measurements, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

Tab Top: Like the above, these curtains come with the loops on top so they can be pulled right over the rod. Similarly, much of the rod remains exposed with the tab tops, but the rounded pleats are typically narrower.