Dieffenbachia / Dumb cane


Common name: Dieffenbachia / Dumb cane

Placement: In-door

Size: The plant has a moderate growth rate, it springs upto 4 to 5 ft vertically.

Plant care: They need light, but filtered sunlight through a window is usually sufficient.
It is an indoor plant where temperature ranges between 17°C – 36°C.

Watering: Twice every week.

Maintenance: The plant requires low maintenance.

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Dieffenbachia is a genus of tropical flowering plants in the family Araceae, named after Joseph Dieffenbach.

It’s a decorative plant also known as the mother-in-law tongue, as it has a toxic sap with calcium oxalate crystals,
which if ingested can cause tongue or throat inflammation, or a more serious complication.
The large and showy dieffenbachia can be the perfect living decoration for the home or office. It improves air quality and reduces harmful dust
and pollution particles.

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